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Concert Information


・7/5(水) 19:00開演  / カワイ表参道 コンサートサロン パウゼ
 EXCITING ENSEMBLE 第8回 〜若手音楽家育成応援プロジェクト〜
 チェロ金木博幸 ヴァイオリン漆原啓子  ピアノ西尾真実 ピアノ今田篤

 8/17(木) 12:15開演  /宇都宮市役所 シティホール
・8/19(土) 14:00開演 /宇都宮 須賀友正記念ホール
・8/26(土) new!  14:00開演  /東京 すみだチェリーホール 
9/1(金) 11:30開演 /名古屋 宗次ホール
   昼のひとときに贈る、名曲の調べ。宗次ホール ランチタイム名曲コンサート
ヴァイオリン エリュー・フェン  ピアノ西尾真実 

 11/19(日) 宇都宮 須賀友正記念ホール
 ショパン ピアノ協奏曲第1番 op.11




©Yamamoto Eiji


ピアニスト 西尾 真実


第4回スクリャービン国際ピアノコンクール ディプロマ賞 (Moscow, 2008)
Musical Summer International Competition 第一位 (France, 2013)
第14回大阪国際音楽コンクール Age G部門 第二位、第30回霧島国際音楽祭賞等、国内外で多数受賞する。

Bellevue in Concert 2016 by Steinway&Sons Italia、ディーナ・ヨッフェ来日記念Fazioliコンサート、スクリャービン没後100年ピアノ・ソナタ全曲演奏会、第13回宮崎国際音楽祭、日光田母沢御用邸音楽祭、Yamaha JOC等に出演。

2015年輝くとちぎ人。2016年とちぎTVより‘世界へはばたくピアニスト西尾真実’ が放送される。

現在イタリアのTalent Music Master Coursesに所属、ディーナ・ヨッフェ女史のもと研鑽、欧州と日本で演奏活動を繰り広げている。

                   January 2017 /Mami Nishio, pianist

Mami Nishio, Pianist

Born in Osaka, Mami Nishio first started playing the piano at the age of three with her mother.


Subsequently, Mami continued her musical endeavors abroad and studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow under the tutelage of professor Andrey Pisarev. Additionally, she studied ‘Chamber music’ under the guidance of Dmitry Kapurin and ‘Art of accompaniment’ under Ekaterina Ganelina. (2009-2015). Notably, Mami completed her Master’s degree at the conservatory as an honorary student in 2015.


Previously, Mami studied at Toho Gakuen College Music Department in Tokyo with Nobuko Amada. During the durations of her course, she has participated in masterclasses with distinguished pianists such as Mikhail Voskresensky, Michel Beroff, Elisso Virsaladze and cellist David Geringas amongst others.


In 2015, she won the 1st prize in the 16th International Maria Yudina Competition in St. Petersburg and won the 1st prize in the 15th International Scriabin Competition in Paris.


She won the 1st prize in the Musical Summer International for the best music by French composer (France, 2013), and the 2nd prize in the 14th Osaka International Music Competition (Osaka, 2013). Additionally, she was a diploma recipient at the 4th International Scriabin competition (Moscow, 2008) and has been awarded the special prize ‘Shinning Tochigi people’ (Japan, 2015)


Previously, Mami has been selected numerous times as a soloist to perform alongside Orchestra ensembles such as Toshima ensemble orchestra, ARC chamber orchestra, Ibaraki Philharmonic orchestra and Yokohama National University Orchestra.


Mami has had the opportunity to perform in a number of concert venues and events around the world, such as at Bellevue in 2016 hosted by Steinway&Sons (Italy), Dina Yoffe Japan Anniversary Fazioli Concert (Tokyo), The 100th Memorial Concert Scriabin Piano All Sonata (Tokyo), Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Sviatoslav Richter memorial apartment, the Pushkin museum and the Scriabin memorial museum in Moscow, Karuga Philharmonie concert hall (Russia), the piano.LT (Lithuania), Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Yamaha Jr. Original Concert, the 13th Miyazaki International music festival and the Music Festival in Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa.


Recently, Mami is undertaking a Talent Music Master Courses in Italy under the tutelage of professor Dina Yoffe and is currently preparing for anticipated performance activity in Japan and Europe.

January 2017 /Mami Nishio, pianist

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